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Linley has long eyelashes.

It's difficult to have great ideas.

I hate you with all of my heart.

We surrounded him.

The dog has been barking.


The last shred of hope had vanished from her heart.

The student is optimistic, but his advisor is a pessimist.

This is my red pencil.


Barton was very frustrated.

Do you own this?

He said he had come to Japan the previous week.

The climate here does not agree with me.

Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.


Alastair was totally into it.


I can always take the bus back to Boston, right?


Not being tall isn't a disadvantage.

What do we owe you?

The girl disappeared in the misty forest.

I just spoke with your doctor.

Slow down!

I don't like what she has done.

The view from the hotel was very beautiful.


Their wedding will be tomorrow.

Keep it secret!

I heard this from a safe source.

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Did you know that he bought a condominium?

Andrew has a meteorite collection.

I don't understand this word. Could you explain it to me?

Lee asked Guillermo to find out how to apply for a visa.

I can't beat him.

What is the difference between Iaido and Kendo?

Did Kristin pay, too?


She has not so much patience as you.

It happened too fast.

I did everything all by myself.

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She's coming with me.

It's not a pleasant thing.

Do you understand this book?

I'm going to carry out this plan.

Have you had lunch?

I began to feel as if I had haplessly tumbled down into this crazy wonderland.

Dawson probably thought I was at home.

Jesse has three friends who are Canadian.

Raul took Slartibartfast along.

Tomas walked down the street without looking either left or right.

It's too much of a nuisance.

He doesn't look like an intelligent boy.

He can also speak Russian.

The cherry tree blooms earlier this year than usual.

I make it a rule to go jogging every morning.

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I deserved better.

We now know that's not true.

If I remember correctly, Kerry and Norbert got married in October of 2003.

I never drink beer before lunch.

She turned round and scowled at me.

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The hint of a smile appeared on Edward's face.


Training conditions workers to react quickly to an emergency.

Everyone here is afraid of him.

I cannot help you, not but that I pity you.

It's just so frustrating to try to do this with my arm in a cast.

It's a chicken-and-egg problem.


The French government made a 35-hour workweek mandatory in 2000.

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The purpose of a roundabout is to slow down traffic.

The article is nowhere to be had.

I swam a lot during summer vacation.


I'm quite embarrassed now.

Why are '0.3' pencil leads so expensive?

I can't leave work until five.


You seem to already know the answer.


We're not killers.

I hope I don't lose.

I got a good seat.

Do you think you can do it?

She's proud of her high school.

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It's small of you to speak ill of your friends.

He was busy getting ready for his journey.

I've gotten used to winning.


I don't want to talk about love.

Sunil broke the rules and was kicked off the team.

We can't leave Stevan.

They kept us in the dark concerning their future plans.

Do you have any plans for tomorrow evening?

What is a language? It's a dialect with an army and a navy.

You seem to speak French fairly fluently.

Cheese goes mouldy if you don't put it in fridge.

We can both do it.

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I already told her.

I had to get a molar extracted.

I believe this lost man.

Give me some strong coffee as well!

Can you help us find Linley?


It was right where Lynn said it would be.

Should I include him?

She's always complaining about her ill health.

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Vick has been my friend for a long time.


I have to tell Kaj about it.

We're sharing your work.

Why is it still happening?

Don't be such a hothead. A short temper will cost you.

I'll be done by 2:30.

Security was extremely tight.

That mattress needs to be aired out.


You are sparkling.

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To activate the faucet, just wave your hands under the spout and the motion detectors will start the water flowing.

May I use a credit card?

May I go to the fountain?

You had better make a reservation in advance.

She played the piano accompaniment for a violin solo.


He kept badgering her until she told him what he wanted to know.

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Why don't you just let Duncan go?

We predict that Christmas sales will be better than expected.

I know Kevyn says he doesn't like me.

Today's class continues with inequalities. Like yesterday try to display the domains in x and y.

Everybody thinks that they are ready for their old age.

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It was cold that day, and moreover it began to rain.


I'd like to put some money into my account.


You don't have much money but I'm happy because I'm with you.


I thought it was a prank call.


It was really quiet.


I didn't think it was real.

She wrote a letter to herself.

I just want to apologize.

So much has happened. It's as if the whole world is flipped upside down.

Bernard of Chartres used to say that we are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.

You look younger than her.

Pilar wouldn't hurt a fly.

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He has not come home yet, has he?


He is not what he seems.

You've made progress.

I like cooking.

Julie said Tanya threatened him with a knife.

Have you ever tried this dessert?

Home-made cookies are the best.

I've worked with them.

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Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.


I don't think she can speak French.


This wine is red.

We keep late hours.

Donn died in Hume's arms.

Andrea won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

I appreciate the effort.

Tal barely recognized Dustin.

I'm ready to die.

The umpire gave him out.

Too much exercise can do more harm than good.

I don't blame you.

Regardless of what he does, he does it well.

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I have to stay in bed all day.

When were you thinking of coming back to the States?

Jeanette has a reservation.

Blair unscrewed the top of her drink bottle and took a sip.

I was expecting it to be a bad book, but damn me if it wasn't quite good after all.


I'm very happy with the results.

She advised me where to stay.

I signed the check.


He asked for my permission to use the telephone.


What have you ever done for me?